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Contact John Kozak '66 at USMA Crests
for clothing articles that contain an embroidered copy of our class crest.

These products are outstanding and the quality is superb,
both in the embroidery and in the fabric quality. Top rate.
Very few products are left, as they were specially made for
our 5th year reunion.  Products include sweatshirts, t-shirts, 
and baseball caps.
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Subscribe to the ASSEMBLY magazine
Most information from this site is obtained from the Class column in the ASSEMBLY.

As a general rule, I have been delaying posting of article information by 2 months - until the next ASSEMBLY is published. I do this for two reasons. First, to encourage those that are not subscribing to subscribe; and second, to allow those that are subscribing to have one source for current class information.

As a class, we have one of the lowest subscription rates in recent classes, as well as one of the lowest donation rates.

Enough of the your AOG...and please subscribe.

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West-Point.Org is a non-profit organization
that supports the graduates and the AOG.

They support multiple listservs (an automated e-mail forwarding to multiple recipients) as well as a number of other functions such as Personal Home Pages, permanent free e-mail (with POP3 service - ie, no more hotmail,etc). They also have a job posting service with numerous other available jobs.

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