USMA '92: The Brave and the Few

(updated 28 February  2002)

Fellow USMA '92ers, families, and friends,  

        Greetings from America!


United We Stand

Please continue to pray for our nation and its participation in Operation Enduring Freedom.  We know that several of our classmates are contributing in many different capacities (both military & civilian) to ensure the success of this important operation.  Please pray for their continued safety as they serve this wonderful nation.

Major's Promotion Board 

Primary Zone Look

    For those of us still on active duty, our primary zone Major Promotion Board convenes in April.  Please ensure your files are up to date now.  Immediately after the Major's Board, the Career Field Designation Board will convene to assign Career Field Functional Designators to our year group.  Good luck everybody!!! 


10 Year Reunion !!!

(10-13 October 2002)

         Our class officers, in conjunction with the Association of Graduates, have started planning our ten year reunion.  The reunion will be 10-13 October 2002 in conjunction with the Texas Christian University football game & Homecoming Weekend!!!  Keep checking this website and the Assembly for the latest information.  We are attempting to make this a paperless reunion.  All information will be posted to the Reunion Web Page, there you will be able to RSVP and take part in any of the discussions that exist on the bulletin board system.



     If you want to participate in the festivities, please ensure that you update your contact information with the Association Of Graduates.  Your address at the AOG determines where/whether you will receive information about the upcoming events!  So please update it soon---and spread the word to our other classmates around the world!***  

    On a similar note, Matt Pasulka is graciously compiling a contact list of our classmates--please update your information with him and he'll add you to his distribution list (currently 534 of our classmates are accounted for--please help spread the word to the other  400 or so out there).  

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 

Ride to Cure Diabetes

On 3 November 2001, Michael & Jill Shapiro will participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) International Ride to Cure Diabetes event.  It is a 105-mile bike ride through Death Valley, California dedicated to raising money for the JDRF.  Their adorable son Zachary faces the daily challenge of living with Juvenile Diabetes.  Please check out the following website so you can offer your very needed support of such a worthwhile cause: or contact Michael & Jill for more information.  

Paladin Foundation

    A group of our classmates has been active in creating the Paladin Foundation--a non-profit organization providing scholarship opportunities and financial grants for educational programs to benefit the children of current and former members of the United States Army in order to assist their pursuit of academic excellence and foster the development of the next generation of American civil, business, and military leaders.  To find out more information about this awesome endeavor , check out  

Assembly Updates

    Please thank Jim Isenhower for the excellent job he is doing in maintaining our class column in the Assembly.  Send your Assembly updates to Jim Isenhower.  You can send photos and snail mail to him at:  4805 Howe St. Durham, NC 27705 or email other info to him here: Jim.  Please support the continuation of the Assembly by subscribing!  You can subscribe online at this website: 

MALO Opportunities

    Are you interested in encouraging high school students or other candidates in applying to West Point?  Join several of our classmates who are currently active in the Military Academy Liaison Officer program.   You need not be on active/reserves/guard duty to participate.  

    This is an exciting time to serve as a MALO or a Field Force Representative!!!  The year-long Bicentennial celebration provides many unique ways to inform the public about USMA and the other service academies.  To date, there have already been 2 different programs on various television channels about West Point and her history.  The Discovery Channel aired three hours of its special:  "On The Inside" which showed life at all of the various service academies.  The History Channel aired a special:  "Modern Marvels-West Point".  Please keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming television specials. 

    For those MALOs/Admissions Participants out there: an excellent resource for USMA information is:  This site provides you with good information for prospective USMA candidates/West Point parents.  If you're interested in serving as a MALO, please contact the Admissions Office or check out the USMA Admission's Office website.  

    As a MALO, you can even retire with the reserves.  Please contact the Admissions Office for more details.


    We hope you enjoy your visit to our class website.  Don't forget to visit the message boards and see what your classmates are up to these days.  Feel free to post your own update as well!  Simply follow the link to MESSAGE BOARDS and add your comments under the appropriate topic.  

BEAT NAVY and God Bless!!!

Carl & Bethany Lee