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Position: Senior Consultant, Arbour Group LLC

Contact: Mick McDonnell

Phone: 312.207.5824

E-mail: arbour@worldnet.att.net

Responsibilities: Serve as Project Manager for teams which will: perform requirements analysis focused on information technology solutions for clients in logistics and manufacturing enterprises; work with clients in the implementation and integration of electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions; work with clients in the implementation and integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software; perform system validation for clients in advanced process industries.

Skills: Candidates should posses a math, science, or engineering background and be flexible to travel. Strong leadership skills and solid written and verbal communication skills essential. Any of the following attributes would prove beneficial: system development, testing and validation experience; project management experience; knowledge of ISO9000 standards and good manufacturing practices; knowledge of EDI and ERP software (particularly QAD or SAP); experience in manufacturing industries and with mainframes and local area networks.

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Class of 1992 - Admissions Opportunities at West Point

How would you like to work where it all gets started at West Point? The United States Military Academy Office of Admissions provides outstanding opportunities for qualified officers who are interested in attracting and providing assistance to talented young men and women as they undergo their college search process.

All officers within the Directorate receive fully-funded graduate degrees and the opportunity to serve on the West Point Staff and Faculty as Admissions Officers for at least three years. The following positions are available:

Regional Commander (Nine Positions): Responsible for the administration, counseling, and evaluation of approximately 3000 candidate applications. Recruits, supervises, trains, and manages a field force of 110 volunteers and reserve officers. Coordinates and supervises an extensive public relations effort which includes many public speaking engagements. A USMA Admissions Officer serves a great many publics. Admissions Officers personally contact thousands of high school students, parents of candidates, admissions field force members, secondary school officials, members of Congress and their staffs, and members of the USMA staff and faculty.

Marketing Officer (One Position): Responsible for the marketing of USMA and the Army to the USMA publics. Produces all Admissions media (briefings, film, and print) used in the USMA admissions effort.

Information System Officer (One Position): Responsible for the management of all automation assets to include maintenance and logistics support, management of admissions candidate field force data bases, design and implementation of local area networks, and management of security programs for automated systems.

Executive Officer (One Position): Responsible for all budgetary, administrative, personnel, and logistical support for the Admissions Office.

We seek experienced officers capable of managing a complex program and communicating effectively with the "USMA publics". As a prerequisite, we expect our Admissions Officers to have successfully commanded a company and completed the advanced course and CAS3.

Our officers usually receive degrees in Management (MBA) or Higher Education and Counseling. Our Information Systems Officer earns a computer/information systems degree.

Officers are selected three years prior to their arrival at West Point so start a file early and keep it up to date. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Directorate of Admissions

Attn: Executive Officer
Bldg. 606 Thayer Rd
West Point, NY 10966
Telephone: 914-938-5710 DSN 688-5710
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High Tech Jobs with KLA-Tencor

KLA-Tencor has over 400 positions open!! We’re looking for smart, talented leaders/engineers. I’m Jim Blastos, USMA ‘85. I work for KLA-Tencor, a semiconductor capital equipment maker.

KLA-Tencor Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of process control and yield management solutions for the semiconductor and related microelectronics industries. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of products, software, analysis, services and expertise is designed to help IC manufacturers manage yield throughout the entire wafer fabrication process-from R&D to final yield analysis. Since yield improvements are key to increasing manufacturing productivity and profitability, the yield management market that KLA-Tencor leads has outperformed the semiconductor capital equipment market segment as a whole.

We have over 400 positions open, ranging from high technical R&D positions, to supervisory, general engineering, marketing, applications engineering, etc. KLA-Tencor is a $1+ Billion company with offices worldwide.

KLA-Tencor has an outstanding balance sheet, is rapidly expanding, and is the industry leader in this field. JMOs have done well at KLA, and although we have a few Navy (BEAT NAVY) and Air Force (BEAT AIR FORCE) grads here, it’s still a great place to be.

Check us out at KLA-Tencor (http://www.kla-tencor.com). If you’re interested in KLA-Tencor, drop me an email at jim.blastos@kla-tencor.com.

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