USMA '92 Lost/Found Page -- The E-mail link


Looking for USMA '92 Grads:

Todd Cooper, USMA '91 (H-2) is looking for Todd Feemster, if you have information, please let him know.

Scott Seale, USMA '92 is looking for e-mail addresses of some former signal pals. (Kim Bowers, Eric Dowgos, Bill Pittman, Don Bice, Tina Schweiss, Skip Gill.)

Carlos Sosa, former USMA '92 (D-4). Would like to get in touch with some of his old friends, especially Chris Hammel or Mellissa Newcome. His snail mail is: Carlos Sosa, 10833 Otsego St., N. Hollywood, CA 91601.

Andy Blake USMA '92 is looking for Joel Aoki.



USMA '92 E-mail links:

Scott Seale,

Chris Coglianese,